“CIU has been the sole reason I am where I am today. Sure, I did the work and made the grades... But without CIU Staff pushing me, rooting for me, and providing me with the connections/assistance there is no way I would be a Dean’s list student today. CIU has been a guiding guardian angel.”— CIU Student

Our staff members are here to answer your questions!


Benay Rubenstein, Director:

Send Benay an email to discuss anything about CIU and how to get involved if you are a potential teacher, volunteer, donor, partner, or friend!


Sherron Brown, Deputy Director of OAR Tompkins County:

Reach Sherron via email to learn more about CIU!

CIU Offices are at TC3 Extension Center on the Ithaca Commons, Room 501

Call (607) 351-3201 to speak to CIU staff.

CIU Entrance